Curvy Barbie vs Original Barbie


My new Curvy Barbie, Charlie! 

Ever since Mattel announced that they were going to be making Curvy Barbie dolls, I knew I had to have one.

Now, while I do not ‘collect’ Barbies anymore, I found that with the new body types my interest was picking back up again.

I wanted to wait to post about the differences between Curvy and Original Barbie until I had received some custom made clothes for my Curvy Charlie, but I have not yet received them and really wanted to share this review with you all!


As you can see, Curvy Barbie has fuller thighs and hips than your traditional Barbie doll. Here is a side by side comparison:


Viewing from the side, you can see the Curvy Charlie has a much fuller bottom than Original Barbie, a.k.a. Kitty, and she also has a nice, more natural looking ‘tummy’. From the front you can see that her hips are wider and her thighs are thicker than Original Kitty’s.


Here is the back view! Curvy Charlie has such a cute, round bottom, as compared to Original’s.

Because of the difference in size, most Original Barbie clothes will not fit Curvy. Tops/shirts will fit, but bottoms such as skirts and pants are the issue here. I’ve found a couple Original Barbie skirts that slip over Charlie’s wider hips, but not many. That’s why I had to order custom clothes from Etsy.

What do you think of Curvy Barbie? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


Just saying Hello

I was pretty sick a couple weeks ago and really could not even get out of bed.

A day or so before I started to fully recover, I got the urge to dress up my dolls, which was one of the first signs of my recovery.

Here’s a photo!


Hanna Sophia, Myrcella (previously known as Cadence), and Maja.

Polka Dots and Stripes

Here are some more recent photos of my dolls. All of the clothes you see pictured here were bought from Harmony Club Dolls website. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of doll clothes from them. 


Summer Anne (waiting to be re-named), Lyric a.k.a. Hanna Sophia, and Cadence (not sure if she will be renamed. I love that name!). 

Hanna Sophia’s Portrait. Just love this blue outfit. 

Summer Anne (dark hair) and Summer (blonde hair) after arriving in their original boxes. 

Summer Anne, with my mother’s dolls, Summer and Melody a.k.a. Maggie Rose. 

Summer Anne. I just love her little chubby cheeks. 🙂