Perfect for Summer – Our Generation Doll Tent


Just before I was about to go on a camping trip up to Boston Bar in BC, I discovered this adorable dolly camping set by the Our Generation brand! I found it at Target, and for under $20 (Canadian) I could not pass it up. I normally wouldn’t bring a doll on a camping trip, but this seemed to be a great photo shoot excuse for my new American Girl doll, Gemma. (And no, she didn’t sleep outside in her tent … after her shoot, she stayed safe and CLEAN inside my own human tent! LoL.)

dolly tent

I highly recommend this lovely doll camping set to anyone who is a collector, or who has a child that loves dolls. It comes with a great, doll sized pink tent, cute sleeping bag, camping plate, cup, a stick with a marshmallow and hot dog for roasting, battery powered lantern, and kettle for boiling water over the campfire.


I have had a couple other cute, fun finds at Target recently, not to mention some cute things found at my own place of work – the American Girl Doll Boutique @ Indigo/Chapters! I will post those soon! For now, please enjoy some more dolly camping photos!

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