Tons of SALES and a NEW P.W.P. at AG Van!

AG Spring PWP

AG Spring PWP

Currently there are a ton of awesome items on sale, AND a new “Purchase with Purchase” (otherwise known as “PWP” ) dress available at American Girl Vancouver!

The “Spring Dress, Headband and Bracelet Set” is only $16 when you spend $50 before taxes in the store. Usually this outfit would retail for about $36. Great deal and so adorable! The light blue, easter green, soft pink and purple colors are perfect for the upcoming season of Spring. (The shoes in the picture are not included with the outfit.)

As I mentioned in the post title, there are also a few good deals on the “Dress Like Your Doll” clothes. The best deal in my opinion is the girl sized “Joyful Jewels” headband, for only $2!

Looks cute on kids AND big kids!

Looks cute on little kids AND big kids!

All Grace Thomas girl size clothes are on sale, as well as her Sightseeing Accessories for dolls. As for Truly Me, the Happy Birthday Accessories are now only $12.50 and the Flower Purse for dolls is only $5!





I hope to see you all grabbing some of these super deals soon at the AG Van store!


Lovely Lea



As I am sure most of you know by now, the new Girl of The Year for 2016 is lovely Lea Clark!


Lea visits Brazil and is inspired to help save injured and endangered animals. She is also a photographer, and loves photographing wildlife.


My favorite part about the new collection is that American Girl has partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation.  This means proceeds from every purchase of Lea’s sloth, sea turtle or Margay cat will go to supporting the WWF.

Oh, and of course I got the sloth. 😉


What is your favorite thing from Lea’s collection? Let me know in the comments below!


What to do BEFORE you make a trip to an American Girl Store in Canada!

If you are planning your first or even your hundredth trip to an American Girl store within Canada, here are some handy tips to help you ensure a positive and fun experience!

Top 5 Tips:

2015-06-12 17.23.37

#5 … Bring your doll! Even if you don’t have an AG doll, the salon does hair and spa services for other types of 18 inch dolls. Even if you don’t plan on getting a service done, the staff love meeting your dolls and seeing how special they are to you.


#4 … Double check Canadian vs. American pricing – unfortunately most pricing even in the “Canadian” version of the catalogue still shows U.S. prices.

2015-11-14 08.12.36

#3 … Pack your camera. Make some memories of your trip by taking photos in the store. Capturing the look of excitement on your child’s face when they first enter, or find their perfect doll, is something you will want to remember.


#2 … If you are bringing in a group of girls for a birthday, remember the Canadian stores do not host ‘official’ birthday parties due to space constraints, however we love having girls come with their friends to celebrate. Please call ahead and let staff know your plans so they can prepare to have enough staff on hand to give you a fun and more personalized experience.

2015-08-27 11.04.43

And finally, the #1 tip I have for you is … plan ahead. If you are looking to buy a specific item, please call the store before making your trip to ensure stock is available. Unfortunately, the Canadian stores don’t stock every single thing that the American stores do, so if you want to be sure that you will be able to purchase that very special item you want, make a quick phone call and ask an AG employee.

I’d love to hear how your visit to a Canadian AG store went. Let me know in the comments section below!

Project MC2 Dolls!

I recently discovered the Project MC2 dolls: girls who promote a love of science and math!


Each of these unique dolls comes with a small science expirement for your child to do. I think it is great that a new line of dolls that encourages a love of learning has become available.


The dolls also have a show on Netflix, and interestingly enough one of the actresses who plays a doll played Renata, the enemy of American Girl Isabelle in the GOTY Isabelle movie.


What do you think of these little scientists? Let me know! 20151016_134433

Santa, Baby!

Every year for the holidays, American Girl releases a special, holiday themed outfit as a special in-store exclusive purchase. This year’s outfit is a particularly adorable one. Check it out!

Santa, baby! Spend $50 in the Vancouver American Girl boutique (which is almost never too hard to do in there, I’ll admit!) and get the outfit for $16. It would make a great stocking stuffer!

Oh! In other dolly news, I found some really spiffy new dolls in the Kids department the other day at work! Here’s a clue: They love experimenting!

I will be posting about them later this week!

Take care, everyone!


Holiday Outfits and Other Fun Stuff!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend playing with your dolls!

This Monday I bring you some new holiday themed ‘Dress Like Your Doll’ options available at our Vancouver Granville location, and some more fun stuff!

Joyful Jewels dress and Shimmer and Lace Party Dress are perfect for a holiday party!

Joyful Jewels dress and Shimmer and Lace Party Dress are perfect for a holiday party!

Dress like your doll this holiday season! ( I want this Hanukkah set for my Rebecca doll, in case you were wondering. ;-P )

Even better, the Shimmer and Lace Party Dress for girls is on at a discounted price right now!!

Warm and cozy PJ’s more your style? Check out these cute holiday themed PJ’s available at Vancouver AG now:

Dress Like Your Doll with these super cute Polar Bear PJ's! (Unfortunately girl sized slippers are on back order and unavailable.)

Dress Like Your Doll with these super cute Polar Bear PJ’s! (Unfortunately girl sized slippers are on back order and unavailable.)



What are you excited for this coming holiday season? Let me know in the comments section!

Take care.


Canadian AG Gift Cards Finally Here!

I am super pleased and a little overly excited to announce that once again the American Girl head honchos have been listening to your requests … for Canadian AG Gift Cards!

For the past year or so that we have been open we have had to have our guests use Indigo gift cards if they wanted to surprise someone with a trip to AG. These will be much better!


As you might have guessed, the AG Gift Cards we sell in our wonderful Indigo stores can only be used within Canada. As such, we cannot accept the American Gift Cards in our Canadian stores.

If you’ve been waiting for these, come in and grab one of our lovely, new AG Gift Cards for the doll enthusiast in your life.


You can’t go wrong with an AG giftcard!