Melody, Willa and New Tiny Cuties!

Melody arrived in Indigo American Girl Stores very recently and she has been well received! People love her message of freedom and equality.


In other news, I gave in and ended up bringing home Willa of the Wellie Wishers not too long ago. I’ve been using AG clothes cinched at the waist with elastic bands to fit her, since it isn’t in my budget to buy WW clothes right now!

And finally…why must my place of work keep baiting me with super cute mini dolls and accessories? Look at these new LORI dolls! All the clothes will fit Lottie dolls as well. I want one! What do you think of these little cuties?



3 thoughts on “Melody, Willa and New Tiny Cuties!

  1. Tee hee…I was at the AG store last weekend, and I discovered the OG CAMPER which I promptly bought. I’ve looked at it online in other people’s posts for over a year. It is absolutely adorable! I have 2 Lori dolls and I really like them. I love their eyes. On another note, I did buy a mini Melody from as on the site she was only $10.99 US and you can’t beat that price! I don’t know about the Wellie Wishers; I think they are rather expensive!

  2. Interesting to see that you have so many of the Lori dolls over there. Here in the UK they’ve been selling them off cheap for a while and seem to only have 1 doll available now. Wish I’d bought them while I could. Another of our stores has a new mini doll which uses the old Sindy brand but there are no extra clothes for her (they focussed mainly on the 18″Doll for that sort of thing). I’m a sindy fan so was planning on getting one and I’ve been trying to get hold of Lori dolls but they’re quite hard to find now. They have some lovely clothes I think.

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