Grace’s Paris Accessories and Welcome Gifts

Two of my favorite pieces from the Grace Thomas 2015 Collection are the Paris Accessories and Welcome Gifts.

I really enjoy the fact that American Girl gave Grace two sets of accessories. Both of the sets come full of cute little goodies!

Let’s take a look at the Paris Accessories set first:

The polka dot purse is adorable, and really goes well with any of Grace’s outfits. I do prefer it best, though, with her original Meet Outfit. The quality of this purse is just great, and it has a strong velcro closure. All of the items in this set fit easily in the purse! It’s perfect.

The black, fingerless gloves are something I don’t think I have ever seen for any other American Girl doll, and I think this is a pretty cute, modern accessory. The set also includes an Eiffel Tower coin purse, pretend lip gloss, and metro pass.

The 2nd set is Grace’s Welcome Gifts!

The soft, pink beret is my favorite part of this set. It features a lovely embroidered heart which is Grace’s special trademark symbol.The beret can also be purchased in ‘human size’ and the quality is amazing!

The set also includes doll sized postcards from Paris, relating to Grace’s story, a cute box of faux macarons, a paper boquet of flowers, and a soft mesh baggie containing two Eiffel Tower faux iced cookies. Both sets are available @ the Indigo American Girl Boutiques for $42.00 CAN.

Do you have either of these sets? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Grace’s Paris Accessories and Welcome Gifts

  1. I recently purchased the Grace collection for myself, after years of being an AG lover. I like both the Welcome accessories and the Paris accessories. I do however feel like more should be included in either…or both! But, I still love what is included. (Also, I think Isabelle had fingerless gloves last year, but they were pink and did not have bows.) I really adore the details on the welcome cookies, and feel that the flower cone is very pretty. The lip gloss is a nice touch, but a pair of sunglasses or something in the purse would have been very cool. (The sunglasses are part of the sightseeing accessories, which is a whole other purchase.)

    Overall, I really love Grace and all of her collection. I love the style of her clothing, the colors, and feel that the doll is really pretty as well!

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