New GoTY 2015

On January 1st, all of the American Girl doll stores released the new “Girl of the Year” (GOTY) for 2015: Grace Thomas!

2015-01-02 08.49.12 2015-01-02 08.49.17

Grace Thomas loves to bake, and dreams of one day having her own business in that field. She has lovely long, brown hair, blue eyes, and a sprinkle of freckles across her nose.

2015-01-02 08.49.42 2015-01-02 08.50.04 2015-01-02 08.50.35 2015-01-02 08.50.45 2015-01-02 08.50.57 2015-01-02 08.51.03 2015-01-02 08.51.10

The store I work at in Vancouver opened at 11 am on New Years Day and sure enough there were hoards of little girls (and big girls too!) waiting in line to be the first inside to get Grace! We gave away free doll sized aprons to all the kids who attended. I have never seen the store so busy. It was even crazier than our grand opening in May 2014.

2015-01-01 13.01.16

It was a really fun day, and I have to say I am a lot more impressed by this GOTY than Isabelle who was GOTY for 2014 (no offense, Izzy!). Many people are glad this year’s doll is not a blonde. Myself included!

What do you think of our new friend, Grace Thomas?

We also got some new AG Canada shirts that we are now selling! Look at the adorable maple leaf in the center! I love it.

2015-01-02 20.26.52


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